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BGS Medical College

" Walking down memory lane, IQMU 2019 was an amazing experience. We came to know about the quiz via social media and were captivated by the different rounds and workshops part of the quiz. Round 2 and Wild card Round 1 - Enigma conducted by Cutting Edge (Surgical Skills Club) were two events which stood out for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the Murder Mystery Dinner held by the Justitia (Forensic Medicine Club) as well as the Emergency Medicine workshop by Tempus Pretioso, a hands-on learning experience. Overall, the experience was enthralling and we took back with us some wonderful memories and learnt important practical techniques. It was truly a pleasure to be a participant of the 2019 edition of this esteemed quiz. Wishing you all the very best for the next edition of IQMU. "
BGS Medical College

" Quizzing has always been exhilarating! Hearing about IQMU at KMC Manipal was nothing less. The choice of rounds and workshops attracted us to this event. It was an amazing experience quizzing at KMC, the amount of exposure, the organisation, and the creativity of rounds were truly appreciable. The Emergency Medicine Workshop and Wild card Round 1 were the highlights of the event. The overall hospitality and environment were very good. I would like to thank the whole team of IQMU for providing such a platform for showcasing and assessing our knowledge and a chance to enhance practical skills. "
Dr Vinod Nayak
Faculty Advisor, IQMU

" My association with TEAM IQMU has been ever so satisfying. The efforts put in by the organising team over the years are commendable. Participating teams have increased in number in the past 3 years. With teams coming in from China and Mexico in the last few years, we look forward to having more international participants in the city in the coming editions of the quiz. The quiz entitles the participants to use their knowledge of medicine and integrate it with life skills to perform the best of their abilities as undergraduates. IQMU’s association with GEMx has been phenomenal. With more sponsors coming in, the support shown to medical quizzing has become stronger. IQMU is surely a calendar event to be marked in a medical student’s journey. I wish all the very best to the incoming participants and the organising team for the upcoming edition. IQMU 2020 it is! "