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International Quiz for Medical
Undergraduates 2020

6th - 8th March 2020

IQMU comprises of both academic and cultural
events centred around a unique, competitive, and
well-rounded multi-tiered medical quiz.
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About Us

The International Quiz for Medical Undergraduates, IQMU, is a student-run initiative hosted by Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, a name synonymous with quality medical education, as proven by its consistent ranking amongst the top 10 medical colleges in the country over the years.

IQMU was conceived from the experience and inspiration gathered by a team of students who attended a similar international competition – CICoM, in Mexico, in the year 2016. Upon their return to Manipal, their stories ignited a spark in their fellow peers to create an event which strives to facilitate international academic and cultural exchange, and thus IQMU made its debut in 2017 with the continuous support of our sponsor, GEMx.


We aim to become a leading international student organization which helps
engage competitive medical students while creating long-lasting and fruitful relationships among future doctors from around the world.


We hope to serve as an entity dedicated to the development of innovative learning strategies and the creation of well-rounded physicians.

Meet the Committee

Avanti Rachel Singh


Hard working, responsible and dedicated to her post. With an experience of 3 years in IQMU, she is motivated to make the next edition the greatest so far.

Sharvari Patra


Motivated and methodical, she is one of the most approachable persons in the team. With an experience of 3 years in IQMU, she is now ready to make the next edition, the best thing ever for participants.

Kunal Agarwal

Head of Scientific

Setting the standards high, integrating the knowledge of medical science and devising the best of quiz questions
Since the advent of this quiz, there is a uniqueness associated with it, and my team and I will strive to take this ship forward for the upcoming edition: IQMU 2020.

Raadhika Agrawal

Head of Public Relations

Creating buzz, spreading the word, and managing public relations.
Passion and perseverance towards organisation and management is what brought her to IQMU. Ensuring updates happen and queries are addressed, Raadhika looks forward to making this edition eventful with overwhelming participation and greater cultural exchange.

Ishita Chandra

Head of Finance

Hassle-free reimbursements, payments and sponsorships.
Tenacious, hardworking and patient. She has been a part of the IQMU family for three years now. Equipped with indelible passion for her job, she hopes to set a new milestone with the forthcoming edition of IQMU.

Sutanka Sujaini

Head of Registrations and Logistics

Moderates the registration process, guarantees the most comfortable stay and a memorable experience.
Organised, enthusiastic and a perfectionist. With 3 years of experience in the team, she promises to ensure you feel more than welcome in Manipal.

Mahisha Virdiana

Head of Email and Correspondence

Approaching, inviting and corresponding to needs and demands.
Earnest, driven and dedicated to ensure smooth operation and communication to make IQMU 2020 a grand success.

Vishalraj Bandari

Head of Coordination

Taking care of your accommodation, well-being and joy.
Punctual, committed to his post and athletic; the qualities you see in the leader of this committee.

Vartika Maheshwari

Head of Communication

Proficient, hardworking and supportive intermediaries.
Confident, good communication skills and knows how to manage her time well. Heading this post with a motive to get all the work done within the deadline and make IQMU 2020 a big success.

Ritika D

Head of Design

Bringing creativity and design into Medicine and creating the centrepiece.
Living a euphoric life...

About KMC

A name synonymous with quality medical education, as proven by its consistent ranking amongst the
top 10 medical colleges in the country over the years. KMC
Manipal is a constituent of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, a world-class institution sprawled over 600 acres in Karnataka, India.

We thank our sponsors for making this event possible